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A Long Exposure time-lapse of Lions Head worth watching

Lions Head Long Exposure time-lapse of the mist

Yesterday evening when myself and Carlinn got home from a delicious steak dinner at her mom’s place, I saw that Lions Head was doing some amazing sh*t again and when I say amazing sh*t, I mean the mist that was rolling over the peak due to the cold front coming in.

I grabbed my camera and decided to set-up for a time-lapse to see if I could capture what I captured about a year ago whereby I do a series of long exposure photos and then merge them together afterwards to create a dreamy long exposure time-lapse.

The time-lapse was captured around 10pm and I was woken up to my camera getting rained on at 5:30am, which is when it stopped and brought inside.

– – – EQUIPMENT USED – – –

Camera: Canon 7D MK 1
Lens: Canon 18-55mm EF-S Lens (Stock Lens)
Time-lapse Gear: An intervalometer I bought on e-Bay YEARS ago!

– – – SETTINGS USED – – –

Manual Mode
Shutter Speed: 30 Seconds
Focal Lenth: 18mm
F-Stop: f/9
ISO: 250
Intervals: 1 second

Here is the other long-exposure time-lapse that I did on Christmas EveĀ 2012 from the exact same location, my bedroom window apartment.


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