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24 Days of Pain – Day 15 – Running up, down and around Lions Head

24 Days of Pain - Day 15

Day 15 of the 24 Days of Pain was a double dose of pain because I decided to not just run up Lions Head (mostly running up), but I also ran all the way down and then around the mountain too!

The run up Lions Head was killer because all I had to eat before the run was a banana and 2 boiled eggs, but I think the KFC from the night before was still in my system and needed to be burned the hell out! When I got to the top of the mountain, I sat and caught my breath for 15 minutes while I did a time-lapse of the table cloth coming over Table Mountain with my GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition.

Running down was amazing and I actually met a couple of people along the way, one being a guy named Mike who is on holiday in Cape Town from Switzerland and then another named Petrus who has an EPIC beard!

When I got to the bottom of Lions Head, I got straight onto the circular path that took me on an epic trail run around the mountain. It was intense and I did stop once or twice to catch my breath and to have some GNC that I’d mixed into the two water bottles on my CAPESTORM boost belt. I also had my Kauai 1.5L CAPESTORM hydration pack with me on the run filled with ice cold water which stayed cold for most of the 2 hour mission I went on!

Just as I was nearing the end of my run, about 50 meters from the end to be exact, I clipped a rock with my stupidly big clumsy feet and I took a really bad tumble onto the rocky path, damaging my knee good and proper. After a lot of swearing, I got up and ran the rest of the way to the end. Needless to say, the pain of the day for Day 16 will be me nurturing my leg which is pretty sore to walk on.

Watch the vlog, where you see me fall near the end!


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