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Our Meelu Mattress has me sleeping my best sleep EVERY night

Two weeks ago, Carlinn and I got a Meelu Mattress and I can honestly say that I’ve never slept as well in my entire life!

The decision came to get a new mattress after we realised that we’ve been sleeping on the same one for the last 5 years and it was sold as a do-not-turn mattress, which of course developed a HUGE dent in it after I picked up a huge amount of weight (which is now gone again thankfully).

With that huge dent that I was causing on the bed, each time we rotated the bed (not flipped), Carlinn was sleeping inside it and a new dent was caused on my side again.

These dents came with more issues because our last mattress was a spring mattress so we started getting spiked in our backs, which was really not comfortable at all and the back-aches we used to have waking up started causing huge issues on our work life too due to lack of sleep.

How the Meelu Mattress conquered my back pain

Since moving to a Meelu Mattress, all those issues have disappeared because the mattress is made up of 4 layers of foam which do not leave dents.

The 4 layers are made up of 4 layers to ensure your sleep is uninterrupted and amazing every single night! The 4 layers are:

  • Gel Infused Memory Foam
  • Hight Resilience Bounce Foam
  • High Density Resilience Foam
  • High Density Support Foam

One of the coolest things about the Meelu Mattress is that when it is delivered, it comes in a box that I thought couldn’t possibly have a mattress in it. Seriously, it was so compact and easy to get into our room which is down a pretty narrow hallway.

Once in the room, we opened the box and used the handy plastic cutter that comes with the mattress, to cut open the mattress and within seconds we had a king size Meelu Mattress ready to lift onto our current base.

After 2 weeks on our Meelu Mattress, I sleep through the night EVERY night and I wake up every morning feeling fresh and energised.

If however you buy one of these amazing mattresses and you don’t feel like it’s helping (which is unlikely) they have an incredible 100 Night Risk Free Trial

Watch our Meelu Mattress Video

If you want to check out our unboxing video of our Meelu Mattress, check out it out below. In it you’ll see our newly decorated room because with the new mattress, we felt we needed a new look to our room too.

Order your own Meelu Mattress Online here…


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