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Cotton On Body Summer Essentials

The South African Summer is HERE and if you’ve not yet been to Cotton On Body to stock up on your beach outfits, this post is just for you!

Summer actually arrived a little earlier for me this year because I was lucky enough to escape the cold and hit up the Seychelles in October. Before the trip, I made sure to hit up the Cotton On store in the V&A Waterfront to gear up with a range of clothing for the trip.

My Cotton On Body Summer Wardrobe

Of course most of the clothing consisted of hats, t-shirts and shorts, so if you’re looking for a few new trendy summer outfits that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, here’s a list of things I picked up from Cotton On.

Cotton On Body Board Shorts

First up in my list of MUST HAVE’s for the summer are these rad pink board shorts from Cotton On Body! Don’t think that pink is just for girls because that’s thinking like it’s 1950! I’ve been wearing pink for years now and it’s not the new black anymore because men have been wearing it for longer than some of you reading this have been alive.

They fit perfectly in the tropical vibe of Seychelles and with the velcro and lace up combo, they didn’t fall off my body once when diving into pools, oceans and running around the beach.

Shop Cotton On Body Board Shorts here…

Cotton On Flamingo Shirt

This rad flamingo shirt was actually not something I bought myself! It was my birthday present from Carlinn, which I opened up on my birthday on our deck at Raffles Resort on Praslin Island! I’ve had a hard time taking it off since then because it’s one of my favourite shirts to wear with my black shorts, which are also from Cotton On.

Shop Cotton On Shirts here…

Cotton On Black Shorts

As mentioned above, these black shorts have become the only other shorts I wear other than my board shorts because if I’m not at the beach, I still don’t want to roast my ass off wearing jeans and as they say, black goes with pretty much anything! These black shorts in particular work in both smart summer outfits as well as in casual situations. Dress them up as you will and you’re bound to look awesome no matter what!

Cotton On Body Shorts

Shop Cotton On Shorts here…

Cotton On T-Shirt’s

There are so many rad t-shirt deals at Cotton On all year round where you pick up multiple tee’s for a combo price and the quality of these shirts has always been awesome! The designs are also pretty unique to Cotton On and limited, so you know that when you hit up those beach clubs in the summer, you’re almost guaranteed not to be wearing the same outfit as someone else. Not that it really matters when that happens with guys though haha!

Cotton On Body T-Shirt

Shop Cotton On T-Shirts here…

Cotton On Caps

If you watch any of my Instagram Stories or even my Seychelles Vlogs, you’ll know that 99% of the time I have a cap on my head. These caps are ALWAYS from Cotton On because their range of caps fit my weird shaped head so well and it doesn’t make me look like a cone head! Seriously, every single clothing store in South Africa that sell caps need to take a lesson from Cotton On because they have their range SPOT ON!

Cotton On Body Cap

Shop Cotton On Caps here…

If you’re looking to see me wearing some of my Cotton On Gear, make sure to check out this post which is the entire video series of our daily vlogs in Seychelles.


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