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MRP Denim – How do you Denim?


MRP Denim Couple

A couple of months ago, a top secret package arrived in the post from MRP for both myself and Carlinn and inside was a Denim Shirt for myself, a short white denim dungaree for Carlinn and an open brief asking us to express our connection to this iconic fabric!

After a couple of hours brainstorming and a few coffee’s later, we came with a plan to shoot Carlinn against a colourful wall, and myself against either the open road or on the beach with my guitar.

The thinking behind both of the settings we chose to shoot our MRP Denim items was that Carlinn’s white denim dungaree took her back to her childhood. While thinking about her childhood and what was fun to do as a kid, we both agreed that blowing the biggest bubblegum bubbles was a game we both enjoyed playing!

MRP Denim 01

So, off to the BoKaap we went, armed with a handful of watermelon chappies, my camera, and of course her white MRP Denim Dungaree.

It wasn’t hard at all to find the perfect colour because as we arrived, we found a bright pink house, which is of course her favourite colour.

MRP Denim 03

When it came to shooting my MRP Denim shirt, I wanted something that spoke “Open Roads” or “Music” because when I think Denim, I think James Dean sitting on the edge of a car on the highway, or back to the 90’s, when I used to hitchhike places and I never left home without my jeans! Who knows how many times they were washed in their lifecycle back then… Maybe like 5 or 6 times lol!

MRP Denim 06

But that is what denim is all about, its a fabric that can be worn with just about anything, given the right combo, and it doesn’t ever look dirty, which as a teenager having to wash my own clothes, was a bonus haha!

When it came to getting the shot of my MRP Denim shirt we made our way to the coastal road between Camps Bay and Llandudno on a little beach myself and Carlinn like to call Canon Ball Beach, for a sunset shot because it looked like it was going to be soft light, and it didn’t disappoint.

MRP Denim 05

You can shop the new MRP Denim range online or in all MRP stores country wide (MRP ships both locally and internationally).

How do you Denim? Why not tell myself, Carlinn and MRP by tagging us in an outfit you’ve styled with Demin, we’d love to see!!

Also, if you haven’t already, why not go in store to see the shots I got of Carlinn while we were on location in the Bokaap.

MRP Denim 04

MRP Denim


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