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Pipe Track Sunset Vibes

Pipe Track Sunset 03

Living in Upper Camps Bay certainly has its perks and one of them is that we have access to the Pipe Track any time we feel like going for a walk in nature.

This evening myself and Carlinn decided to go for a short hike on the Pipe Track, despite the icy winter South Easterly wind blasting down the mountain. Why? Well quite simply because the clouds looked amazing and we knew the sunset was going to perform!

Pipe Track Sunset 04


We also went to hide a bunch of gear up on there for the JOBY Treasure Hunt, which will be going live this coming week, so stay tuned to my blog, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Pipe Track Sunset 07

As we started hiking, I did realise that I left my phone at home, so I couldn’t get my Sunset Snapchat fix, which is why I decided to share some of the shots I took on the hikeĀ using the BOSS of any lens I’ve ever owned, the Canon 24-70mm Mk ii f/2.8.

Pipe Track Sunset 05

Pipe Track Sunset 08 Pipe Track Sunset 09





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