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Take your girlfriend to Platbos Forest for epic cabin vibes

Platbos Forest-8

Those of you that follow my life on Snapchat (THELAWRY) would have seen that back in February I took Carlinn to Platbos Forest for 2 nights of epic cabin vibes that we still can’t stop talking about 3 months down the line!

This ancient indigenous forest is situated on the southern most tip of Africa has trees that age well over 1,000 years old, one of which is used as shelter our cabin, which is called The Bushbuck Suite.

Platbos Forest-17

There are 4 Self Catering options to choose from when booking to stay at Platbos Forest, each suite with its own unique style and theme, but all spaced out inside the forest so you don’t need to worry about being disturbed by anyone else.

NONE have electricity, so tell your girlfriend to leave her straightener at home.

As I mentioned, we stayed in the Bush Buck Suite, which had an epic indoor fireplace to keep us warm when it poured down on our second night, as well as a double bed, dining table, kitchen and the best part, the front doors are made of canvas that can be rolled up to give the place an awesome feel to it at night with a fire lit. .

Platbos Forest-11

Outside our cabin, about 10 meters away is an outside shower and flush toilet with a roof for protection from the rain, but nothing else. It really does add to the experience and there’s nothing quite like a hot donkey fuelled shower in the rain.

The other suites available are the Honey Bee Suite, another epic cabin to stay in with your partner, the Old Olive Suite which sleeps 4 and then the Forest Camp, which can accommodate up to 6 people.

We took a look around the Forest Camp because there weren’t any other people staying in it while we were there and it is really somewhere I’d love to visit with a bunch of mates next time I visit Platbos Forest.

If you’re heading through with your girlfriend, which I highly recommend you do, make sure you pack some board games, a few bottles of wine and of course, delicious food to make for her on the fire.

Platbos Forest-25

Platbos Forest-3

I’d also recommend taking your own props to add to the romance, like these battery powered string lights you see behind the fireplace in this photo.

Platbos Forest-22

What to leave at home – Your laptop and your music because first off, No Music Allowed and second, there’s no electricity to charge your music devices or laptops.

What to make sure you pack – Your camera, a cooler box with extra ice to keep your food fresh, extra wood to make a fire outside and a pair of hiking shoes.

Platbos Forest-24

Platbos Forest-23

Go enjoy nature by taking a walk through the forest both during the day and at night if you’re brave enough. There’s an epic labyrinth made of shells that we found as well as the 1,000 year old Milkwood Tree.

Platbos Forest-6

Platbos Forest-20

If you’d like to visit Platbos Forest, make sure to check for availability because it’s super awesome and they’re usually booked up most weekends.

Platbos Forest-9



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