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The 2016 Banff Film Festival World Tour is coming to South Africa


Last night I went to the pre-screening of the 2016 Banff Film Festival here in Cape Town and walked away absolutely blown away by this year’s selection!

It also got me thinking about some of my favorite local film makers at the moment, so at the end of this post, I’ve featured my Top 5 local guys who are regularly creating and sharing amazing content.

Back to the 2016 Banff Film Festival that’s about to hit South African shores on it’s world tour…

The festival itself has been going for 50 years now, showcasing international films that focus on Sports, Mountain Culture and way more!

This year the films selected for the Banff Film Festival are truly outstanding, with one in particular called Denali, that’ll leave you reaching for the tissues. Girls, be warned not to wear make-up that will smudge!

Watch the Trailer for the 2016 Banff Film Festival

The festival will hit Ster-Kinekor cinemas around the country from the 21st – 29th of October 2015, with some cities only getting one night, so make sure to book in advance.

All the dates and locations for the South African leg of the 2016 Banff Film Festival can be found here.

While watching the films last night, it got me thinking about some of the incredible talent our country has in it, so as a bonus for this post, here are my Top 5 South African Film Makers at the moment (in no particular order).

Dan Mace

Dan Mace is an award winning Film Maker from Cape Town who makes epic films that focus on positive vibes as well as serious doccies!

This Car Surfing film is one of my favorites, but he has PLENTY of other amazing films on his YouTube Channel.

Bryn North

If you’ve not heard of Bryn, head over to this Cape Town based film makers YouTube channel and look out for a new series he’s started called “Minute Videos“. These are uploaded once a week, last only a minute and showcase his travels around the world!

Here’s the first of the series from a road trip Bryan did with another of my favorite film makers, Kyle Mijlof.

Kyle Mijlof

Kyle is an extremely well travelled Photographer and Film Maker based in Cape Town. Yes, he is a good mate of mine, but that’s not why he was selected. This dude has visited 59 countries since 2010 and captured a lot of his travels on his Instagram.

Not only does he take rad photos, but his film making skills are next level! Subscribe to his YouTube Channel to follow his journey. Here’s Kyle’s most recent film from a trip he did to Bali earlier this year.

Chris Rogers

If you love action packed videos, Chris Rogers is exactly who you should check out right now! This dude knows how to take a GoPro and make an amazing film that you’ll always watch from start to finish.

He’s also a GoPro Ambassador and was at theGoPro Karma Launch Event in Squaw Valley!

Here’s his latest dose of visual radness, which was filmed exclusively with all the new products launched.

Dean Tucker

When it comes to future movers and shakers in the film industry, I’d say keep an eye on Dean Tucker because this kid is certainly going to go places.

He has a series called “The Weekend Venture” where he vlogs his weekend adventures, of which he’s been on some sick ones already!

This is his highlights reel from some of the adventures he’s already been on!


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