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Hike Little Lions Head this Summer – FULL Route Guide


There’s a cute little peak right next to Llandudno in Cape Town called Little Lions Head, which I think everyone should hike this summer!

Here’s a full guide to getting to the top of this relatively easy hike, which will take you no longer than 20 minutes to get to the top without stopping.

How to Hike to the Top of Little Lions Head

First you’re going to need to get to the starting point for this hike up Little Lions Head, which is located at the top of Valley View Drive, Mount Rhodes.

Here’s a map, which will take you where you need to be!

Once at the top of Valley View Drive, you’ll reach a gate right in front of you and another to the right. Head over to the gate on the right with a pedestrian gate that has an intercom system and a camera.

Right the intercom and wait for security to open the gate. If it doesn’t open right away, give it a minute and ring again as someone will eventually unlock it.

PLEASE NOTE: There are strict Opening Hours and security will only let you in during these times:

  • Summer Times: 6am – 8pm
  • Winter Times: 8am – 6:30pm

little-lions-head-hike-guide-1 little-lions-head-hike-guide-2

Head straight up the tar path until you reach the cell phone tower at the top and take a left. There is a small path just before the top that you can take, but then you’ll miss the first epic view of Llandudno.



Once you’ve taken in the views, start making your way up the path, which is pretty clear until you get to your first “challenge”, the loose rocky section.

Be extra cautious when walking over these loose stones when you’re headed down because one wrong step could result in a rolled ankle.


At the top of this path of loose stones, you’ll come to a little cave. Climb to the top of this on the right as it’s the easiest.

The next bit of the hike is a little tricky and you’ll need to keep an eye out for the path which is sometimes a little hidden. There are cairns* spread out through the route showing you where to go, but sometimes these are also a little hidden. If you see these, either add a rock to them or pass on, DO NOT KNOCK THEM OVER!

Little Lions Head Cairn
*A Cairn is a pile of rocks created by hikers to show others the route, ensuring nobody goes off-path. Read the history of the Cairn here.

Head up the path until you find this large rock which can be passed on either the left or the right. Both are slightly tricky, but the right is far easier so go this way instead.

little-lions-head-hike-guide-11 little-lions-head-hike-guide-12

From here head up and look out for the next cairn which will take you up to the next rock, where you need to follow the path to the left.


Head left at this rock

You’ll then come across this rock where you need to head right to climb up to a flatter area just before the big climbs start.

Once you’ve climbed up, it’s best to enjoy more rad views of Llandudno’s beautiful turquoise water below with a well deserved sip of water because the next bit of the will involve climbing and you’ll need your wits about you.

Climb up to the right of this rock
Enjoy epic views of Llandudno from this rest spot.

When you’re taking in the views, make your way up the short path that will take you up to a pretty big rock with a cairn on it. Head right when you get to the rock as this is going to take you up the easiest route up the last few boulders before the top.

Head to the right of the rock with the Cairn on it.

Next up is a climb through a crack which has plenty of hand grips and places for your feet to hook onto while pulling yourself up.

After this just follow the path to the right and it’ll take you right to the top. You will have to climb up a couple of smaller rocks, but nothing too scary!

Things to do on the Top of Little Lions Head

Enjoy a picnic with 360 Degree Views of Hout Bay, Sandy Bay, Llandudno and beyond!

little-lions-head-hike-guide-20 little-lions-head-hike-guide-21

Relax in an inflatable sofa like this one, which is an Airmate (Read that review here).


There is a decent LTE signal up there, so why not make your mates jealous by doing a Facebook Live! Here’s one that I did on my Facebook Page.


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