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24 Days of PAIN – Day 03 – Scorpions and Fire Fighters on Lions Head

24 Days of Pain - Day 3

Day 3 of the 24 Days of Pain saw me back on Lions Head again to check out the damages the Lions Head fire caused the previous day. You’ll see in the vlog below that there was quite a bit of damage and from what I could see, the fire started around the mosque on Signal Hill. With destruction though, new life will come because fynbos thrives after a large fire like that, but one thing that does take a knock are all the little animals, insects and reptiles, so I needed to keep a watchful eye not to step on something that could hurt.

I actually almost stepped on a scorpion on the way up, but thankfully I saw it in time. After braving my fears of the little things, I managed to get it to the side of the trail and made a video of it too… I really do hate scorpions, but it was only looking for a new home that didn’t smell of smoke…

The hike/run was awesome! I made it up in 32 minutes, which was 4 minutes faster than Monday!! I tracked my pace on the way down too and clocked a decent 17 minutes running down too, which I was pretty stoked with and now I have a time to beat there too.

While I was at the top of Lions Head, I had a look at the destruction the fire caused from the top and then I settled on a rock facing the city to do a time-lapse of Devils Peak and a ship leaving the harbour because I had my JOBY inc. Gorillapod SLR-Zoom with me! This bad boy holds up to 3kg’s of weight on it, which was more than enough for my Canon 7D and the 28-135mm EF lens on it.

After I was done, I went for a delicious healthy dinner at the Thai Café in Sea Point and then home to work work work again!


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