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24 Days of Pain – Day 13 – #ExploreTheNight with Smirnoff to Foo Fighters in Johannesburg

24 Days of Pain - Day 13

Day 13 of the 24 Days of Pain was a different kind of pain, but the good kind, because myself and Carlinn were flown to Johannesburg with Smirnoff South Africa to go #ExploreTheNight! This all went down because I won a competition on 5fm back in October where I spotted a black cab outside Cafe Caprice and called into the Roger Goode show to say why it was there! Watch me winning the prize in their promo video below my vlog.

The day kicked off with our driver picking us up in a styling Mercedes C-Class and taken to Cape Town International Airport where we caught up with the rest of the Cape Town winners on the plane! It all got pretty messy from there because we started drinking at 11am and didn’t really stop until we were done at the concert at around midnight haha!

When we landed in Jozi, our Smirnoff ExploreTheNight drivers were all waiting to take us to the Maslow Hotel in Sandton, which is where we stayed the night! It didn’t take long for everyone to hit the pool to get to know each other a lot better over a few beers!

After an epic swim and good times with the GoPro and the Ricoh, we all went up to our rooms to get ready for a night of awesome, which we later found out was indeed a night of awesome at the Foo Fighters Concert at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg.

The bus ride there was incredible and the hype started picking up as we got closer to the stadium and when we got there, we were told we were going to watch the concert up in a box above the crowds, with an open bar full of Smirnoff Vodka and Food! The food… OMG!! YUM!!!

After an epic night watching the Foo Fighters, we all made our way back to the bus and were taken back to our hotel. Some went out, I passed out…

Thanks Smirnoff for such an amazing night!!


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