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Seychelles Vlog Series – Created with the GoPro Hero 6 & Quik Story App

Making big announcements isn’t really my thing, but since Carlinn and I have started VLOGGING again, I’m going to make a big deal about our Seychelles Vlog Series which is now LIVE on YouTube.

Why am I going to make a big hoohaa about it you may ask? Well quite simply because vlogging has been made SUPER easy with the all the GoPro HERO 6 coupled with the recently revamped GoPro Quik Stories App.

Seriously, you do not need a fast computer or a huge understanding of video editing to produce your very own daily travel vlog, all you need is a GoPro, a Smartphone with the Quik Stories App installed on it and 45 minutes to an hour of your own time every single day*.

As you may or may not know, I have been an ambassador for GoPro South Africa for the last year and when they told me how easy it was to use this combo to create short videos to share on Social Media, I thought I’d put their promises to the test.

Needless to say, they were right, it is SUPER EASY and I am now back in South Africa after an 8 day trip to a tropical paradise with an 8 Part Seychelles Vlog Series!

Each day that I used it, I got better and better at it. Learning that sometimes you need to use the boost sound option on clips where I talk and to be more selective with my filming during the day, to save on download & sorting time in the evenings.


You’ll see that by SEYCHELLES VLOG 05 I had pretty much mastered the app and it was easy sailing from there!

In the coming weeks, I will be putting together a guide of Tips & Tricks on how to use the GoPro Quik Stories App efficiently, but until then here are all 8 episodes of my Seychelles Vlog Series.


* PLEASE NOTE: Drone footage used in the majority of the vlogs was captured using a drone manufactured by another brand and converted using iMovie on my phone before adding it into the Quik Stories App.

1 Comment

  1. Warren Boyce
    October 27, 2017 / 5:28 pm

    Hi Mike and Carlin, I have just watched your Seychelles trip.

    Wow Wow Wow, The footage was epic.

    I have a GoPro 2 and it is a mission to edit the video footage.

    I am trying to save for the new GoPro 6 so hopefully I can get it soon.

    Thanks for everything

    Warren Boyce

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