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5 Reasons to Travel on SWISS International Air Lines

When choosing an air line to fly internationally, I try as hard as I can to book on the preferred air line for the country I am headed to, so when Carlinn and I decided to fly to Switzerland, SWISS International Air Lines was a no brainer.

These are my 5 Reasons to travel on SWISS International Air Lines

Image Source: SWISS.com

1. They fly to over 100 destinations around the world

If you’re looking to fly into Switzerland, SWISS offer flights into their two main hubs, being Zurich and Geneva from over 100 destinations around the world. They are perfect as a connection flight too, because their prices are really amazing, so take note of this when booking your next international trip.

Image Source: SWISS.com

2. There are daily flights between Johannesburg and Zurich

Traveling to and from South Africa’s busiest airport is sometimes a nightmare, but not if you’re flying SWSISS International Airlines. They offer a daily flight between Zurich and Johannesburg, which is an overnight flight each way, getting you to each destination early enough to make it to morning meetings if you area headed there for business, or a breakfast with friends in the buzzing city of Zurich.

Read what Carlinn had to say about Swiss International Airlines on her blog www.campsbaygirl.com

3. SWISS International Airlines serve award winning food to all classes

One thing is for sure, Carlinn and I were SUPER impressed with the food on board our flights to and from Zurich. The dinner served on our way into Switzerland was a super tasty steak with roast potatoes and of course, Swiss Chocolate. The flight back was roast chicken breasts with gnocchi. All breakfasts served on board SWISS International Air Lines flights are continental, with a warm croissant and the yummiest Swiss Cheese, yogurts and cream cheese.

Image Source – Infinite Legroom

4. You’re almost guaranteed an EPIC view when flying into Switzerland

I had a window seat flying into Zurich and because of the time of year we were flying, we were greeted with a magical sunrise over the Swiss Alps. I had to switch off my camera due to airline regulations so the best part wasn’t captured, but imaging snow capped mountains tuning pink in the early morning light. It was magnificent and had both Carlinn and I jumping up and down in our seats with the prospect of exploring Switzerland for the next 7 days.

5. The staff are all SUPER friendly

Never in my life have I met SO many friendly people! We joked while we were in Switzerland that it had something to do with their really fresh water, but I think that is just the Swiss nature too. Every single flight attendant and staff member of SWISS International Air Lines were super friendly and very welcoming to help us out when we needed something.

So if you’re headed to Switzerland in the near future, I’d highly recommend booking your flight with SWISS International Air Lines.


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