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The Oyster Creek Lodge in Knysna is in the perfect location!

The Garden Route is one of South Africa’s most traveled routes by locals as well as tourists because of its epic location right on the N2, but if you’re passing through Knysna, the Oyster Creek Lodge is the perfect place to stay.

The Oyster Creek Lodge itself is a wood lodge situated on the outskirts of town, on the bank of the world famous Knysna Lagoon.

Carlinn and I have both seen this quaint little lodge while driving through Knysna on many occasions, so to split up the last leg of our road trip up the Wild Coast, we decided to spend two nights at the Oyster Creek Lodge instead of driving 15 hours back to Cape Town and we were not sorry!

This little stop not only revitalized my driving brain, but was the perfect way to end off an epic road trip through South Africa.

The lodge itself offers only a handful of rooms that all have breakfast included so make sure you book in advance and if you’re headed there with a partner, request the loft as your room as it’s got the BEST views of the Knysna Lagoon. Just watch your head as I did bump my head a few times on the roof, much to Carlinn’s entertainment haha.

The weather in Knysna is pretty mild, but it can get super hot and humid in the summer and the pool at the Oyster Creek Lodge is the perfect place to relax with an ice cold drink, which should be purchased yourself at a bottle store and stored in the communal fridge.

Things to see and do in Knysna during your stay should at the Oyster Creek Lodge:

1. Visit the Knysna Heads from the top viewing decks and marvel at the turquoise lagoon below. (If you’re looking to take photos from there, the best time of the day in our opinion is in the morning).

2. Take a drive through to Noetzie Beach and marvel at the massive castles built into the mountains around this hidden little beach. Be prepared to walk up the extremely steep staircase with over 100 steps when you’re done!

3. Eat a pizza at Chatters Bistro in town! Their Four Cheese Pizza with extra Salami will change your life!!

4. Go for sundowners in the quays at Tapas & Oysters Knysna and enjoy live bands while DELICIOUS chow and cold beer!!

5. Explore Knysna’s Secret Spots with the Local Instagram community. Check out @scrumpyjackson on IG to see a little more of what this epic little Garden Route town has to offer!



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