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What to do when staying at the Alpenrose Boutique Hotel in Schönried


A trip to Switzerland had been a dream of mine since I was a kid and my gran used to tell me stories of Ski Lifts and snow capped mountains as bed time stories, so when we checked into our first hotel, the Alpenrose Boutique Hotel in Schönried, my dreams were about to come true!

If you’re headed to Schönried anytime soon, I’ve put together this guide to help you plan your trip to the area a little more efficiently because there is quite a lot to do in this quaint little Swiss village.

First off, if you’re looking for an affordable hotel to stay in, the Alpenrose Boutique Hotel in Schönried is perfectly located just 5 minutes walk from the train station and it has some great features itself.

The Alpenrose Boutique Hotel Features

  • The Junior Suite (which is where we stayed) has an incredible view of the surrounding mountains from your private balcony is perfect for a romantic getaway because it has a fireplace inside the room, to warm up your cold toes after a hike in the snow.
  • The hotel offers guests a private spa experience, (which you need to book in advance), but you’ll then have access to the jacuzzi, sauna, massage chair and exercise equipment, with nobody else around.
  • The breakfasts are delicious and the coffee that’s brewed is best enjoyed at a window seat looking out onto the snow capped alps in the distance.
  • If you love live music, Saturday nights are Live Music & Dinner nights where hotel guests and people coming in from the village come to enjoy local folk music played while you eat a dinner.
  • The family that run the Alpenrose Boutique Hotel are all SUPER friendly and helped us with pretty much anything we were unsure about. They’re also a Ski Family so if you’re visiting Switzerland to learn how to ski, Chat to them and they’ll teach you how in just a day.

Things To Do close to The Alpenrose Boutique Hotel

  • There are so many hikes to do within walking distance of the hotel, of which we did two during the two nights we stayed there:
    • The circular hike to the MASSIVE Fondue Pot is a great walk and if you get there early enough, and have purchased a fondue backpack, you can sit inside this Fondue shaped area, eating Cheese Fondue, with epic views of Schönried and Gstaad in the distance.
    • The second hike we did, was more of a long walk down the road to the left of the Alpenrose Boutique Hotel which will take you to an EPIC viewing spot, which I highly recommend doing during sunset.
  • Catch the Belle Epoque Train to Gstaad and enjoy an experience where you’ll feel like you’re on the Oriental Express.
  • Visit Glacier 3000, which is just a 20 minute bus ride from Gstaad Station. Make sure to check the weather before hand because when we went, it was a beautiful day at the bottom, but the top had winds of up to 100km/h, so they were closed for the day.
  • If you do happen to find yourself in the same situation we did and you can’t go up to Glacier 3000, there is a great 45 minute hike up to a restaurant with a lake next to it, which was frozen when we went, but it still looked epic!
  • Explore the picturesque town of Gstaad, which is renowned for it’s annual visitors compiling of Celebrities and Royalty.




Book your stay at The Alpenrose Boutique Hotel in Schönried here…


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