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African Adventures With Kingsley Holgate


If you are following me on social then you would have seen that I am currently in Kenya with the Kingsley Holgate Foundation doing humanitarian work as well as having a bit of an adventure. The expedition is called Living Traditions and focuses on visiting tribes in remote parts of central and west Africa. We are heading up to Southern Ethiopia right now to observe and document some vanishing tribes and fast disappearing cultures which makes me sad but also so very grateful to be able to experience it before the influences of the west take over eventually.

Up until now we  have been on the road for a few days stopping at villages along the way and delivering mosquito nets to help save lives as malaria is the leading cause of death in Kenya. We are also giving elderly people a new view on life with the Rite to Sight initiative and its been amazing seeing people’s faces light up when they can see clearly again after years of not being able to. The other project is called Elephant art and its a fun way of teaching children to respect and enjoy the African wildlife.

We don’t have a lot of connectivity out here but I find I don’t miss it when you are sitting around a camp fire made in a dry riverbed listening to tales of adventure in Africa. The bonds formed and connections made with people on trips like this will last a lifetime. When we drive our Landies across the desert under the hot African sun I feel so at home I don’t ever want to leave.

Snapchat is about the only thing that is working so thats where all my photos are coming from and if you want to see more go give me a follow – THELAWRY

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