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Lotos Inn & Suites saved me from a cold airport floor

Lotos Inn & Suites-20

If you didn’t know, I left on an epic adventure yesterday where I’ll be exploring Kenya and Ethiopia with South African legend, Kingsley Holgate (YES I AM EXCITED!!), but because my flight arrived into Nairobi at 2am, I needed a place to put my head down for one night, which is where the Lotos Inn & Suites came to my rescue.

If it were not for the Lotos Inn & Suites I would have had my head sleeping on the floor of an airport because this is where I need to be, well later today, to meet up with a few others arriving from KZN and Russia.

The ride from the airport last night was pretty smooth and I only paid KES 2,500 to get to the Lotos Inn & Suites, which is located in Mpaka Road in the Wesland District of Nairobi.

Lotos Inn & Suites-9

It’s been built as a great large scale accommodation hub for the happy couples about to tie the knot in the temple next door to the hotel and it has everything to offer it’s guests on top of the perfect location to stay for these bridal parties.

There’s a restaurant upstairs with an incredible glass sky-light roof, which lets in the beautiful outside light while you enjoy a meal, or even to look up at the stars at night over dinner. There’s also a fully stocked bar up there too, so you can enjoy a beer with a view.

Lotos Inn & Suites-4 Lotos Inn & Suites-3 Lotos Inn & Suites-6 Lotos Inn & Suites-7 Lotos Inn & Suites-18

Lotos Inn & Suites-10

If you don’t feel like cooking, there’s a basic kitchen inside your room where you can make yourself something if you like.

Another bonus about the room is that if you forgot your toothbrush, they’ve got you covered there too.

Lotos Inn & Suites-15 Lotos Inn & Suites-12 Lotos Inn & Suites-11 Lotos Inn & Suites-14

All in all, I rate this hotel as a proper life saver at a super low cost, so if you’re heading to Nairobi, contact them here.


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