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The Wild Side of Southern Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a country I’ll go back to over and over again after I travelled through there last year with the Kingsley Holgate family and a few others. Since I returned home however, I’ve not posted too much from that part of the trip and a very big reason why I am writing this post today.

Life can so easily pass by so fast, that you blink and an entire YEAR has gone by, which is the case here with my entire collection of Ethiopia photos that gathered a years worth of virtual dust on them before I gave them a proper look.

Today one year ago I took this photograph below in the middle of a Mursi Tribe’s “Donga Stick Fighting Tournament”. It was also shortly after that our entire vehicle convoy was surrounded by these adrenaline and testosterone fueled tribesmen, with their guns and long fighting sticks up in the air, demanding we not move or “they’ll shoot”!!

That’s another story altogether though, which I quite enjoy telling around a fire at home! It was intense to say the least…

This post is going to be a photographic journey through Southern Ethiopia, letting you see some of the wildest things I’ve ever seen in my entire life! It was the adventure of a lifetime, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

Please note that ALL the images are copyrighted images, which are available for print. Please contact me if you are interested in buying an image. Under no circumstances can these be used anywhere online or offline without prior permission.

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There are over 80 different ethnic groups in Ethiopia, of which I only saw a handful, but the tribes we came across were fascinating.

Daasanech Tribe






On my last full day with Kingsley and his team, we made our way through to Arba Minch, which is where Anna, Patrick and myself would be catching a plane the next day to go home. Bruce and I were at the back of the convoy and heard something over the radio about a quick stop to see what’s happening on the side of the road.

When we approached, there were some Ethiopian Orthodox Priests standing on the side of the road with loads of kids around them and a church just beyond them that had singing coming from it.

We went to investigate and came across a ceremony that was celebrating the Arc of the Covenant, which we were allowed to photograph after permission from the head priest.

It was fascinating to see yet another culture in such a colorful ceremony of singing, dancing and praying.



Thank you to Kingsley, Ross, Anna, Bruce, Mike, Patrick and Lumbaye for all the good times!


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