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Go on a Luxury Road Trip with the Jaguar F-PACE

Everyone loves a road trip but if you’re looking to travel in style, then the Jaguar F-PACE is the car you’ve been looking for all your life.

I say this with confidence after Carlinn and I got to drive this very sexy SUV from Johannesburg to Lion Sands in the Kruger National Park on our most recent adventure.

The drive was absolute bliss with cruise control activated on those long straight roads up into Mpumalanga and when we hit the mountain passes outside Nelspruit, this 3,0 liter V6 engine had no problems what-so-ever.

What I really loved about the actual Jaguar F-Pace Experience, was that the centre console’s bright touch screen display allowed me to enter our destination points into it’s navigation system, helping me get to Lion Sands and back, on roads I’ve never driven.

The map system is not only availble offline, but it has built in notifications that let you know when you’re approaching a fixed traffic camera, which came in really handy on some of the roads that failed to display the speed limit.

Carlinn and I both connected our phones to the car’s bluetooth pairing and what was handy was that there were two USB points in the armrest compartment, so we could both charge our phones.

There were another 2 USB points at the back of the car which is perfect if you’re a family traveling somewhere with teenagers that need their constant connection to some form of power. We used it our GoPro, Drone and a few other things charged up.

In terms of petrol consumption on the Jaguar F-PACE, we made it to Kruger Park and back on just over a tank and a half, but we were driving really conservatively on ECO Mode.

I am no car expert, but I was super impressed all in all with the performance of the Jaguar F-PACE and the really awesome features it came along with.

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Jaguar F-PACE


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