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Business Class on a Qatar Airways A380 was the Best Flight EVER

Qatar Business Class-20

Flying Business Class has by no doubt been a dream of mine for a LONG TIME, so when Qatar Airways asked me to join them on their inaugural flight from Doha to Atlanta, BUSINESS CLASS, in an A380, I instantly said yes! Wouldn’t you?!

The flight into Atlanta was such an epic journey, one that not only has me now only ever wanting to fly Business Class, but it was also the launch of the Qatar Airways’ 10th Destination, so to celebrate the occasion, they flew a one-off service in their flagship Airbus A380.

Just the sheer size of this plane blew me away as I approached it from the boarding gate! It almost takes your breath away to think that massive plane can even take-off.

Image Credit: Qatar Airways
Image Credit: Qatar Airways

Qatar Business Class-12

It has 2 levels on it, of which the entire bottom floor accommodates economy class passengers and the top floor seats 1 third Economy, and the rest is reserved for First and Business Class passengers. This is where I was to stay for the duration of the 13 and a half hour flight from Doha to Atlanta and I was certainly NOT complaining!

After being seated, I was offered a mint and lemon cold drink to cool off and a warm towel to freshen up my face.

Qatar Business Class-7

Of course that followed a glass of bubbles sourced from the Champaign region of France and off we went on our way to Atlanta, a city I’ve passed through a LOT, but never entered.

Once we’d taken off, which I hardly felt, I made my way to the lounge which is located in the middle of the plane and reserved for First & Business Class passengers only. It was here that I got to meet so many new people and nationalities. All planes should have one of these inside!!

Qatar Business Class-5 Qatar Business Class-13

The lounge has a fully stocked and serviced bar, with nearly any drink or cocktail you want, along with fresh sweet and savoury snacks in case you get peckish while you’re not at your seat.

Whenever I got hungry though, I made my way back to my seat and ordered off the menu which was tailor made for this inaugural flight.

Qatar Business Class-15 Qatar Business Class-14 Qatar Business Class-16

I think what everyone really wants to know is, what’s it like sleeping flat while flying? The answer, It was AMAZING! Your bed is set-up for you by the cabin crew when you want to sleep, which includes a soft mattress, a nice big pillow, a blanket and the best part, Qatar Airways branded P.J.’s! Needless to say, I had 2 really nice sleeps on the way into Atlanta of around 4 hours each.

Qatar Business Class-18 Qatar Business Class-4 Qatar Business Class-8

The rest of the time I was either sitting in the lounge, watching in-flight entertainment, or I was chatting online with Carlinn via the on-board WiFi Qatar Airways offers on select flights.

All in all, I never want to fly economy class ever again, or with another airline to be honest, these guys know how to make sure your flying time is as relaxing and stress free as possible.

Watch the video Qatar Airways created for this flight to get a taste of the excitement as we landed in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

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Qatar Business Class-19


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