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Exploring Mauritius by Sea on a Catamaran Cruise {#ExploreMauritius}

ile aux cerf catamaran cruise

You just know your Friday is going to be amazing when you wake up knowing that you’re going to be going on a Catamaran Cruise in Mauritius, which is exactly how I woke up on Friday morning and believe me, it was worth the 6am wake-up call!!

Once on the road, there was a little rain in the sky, but when we reached our drop-off point for the Catamaran Cruise, which was just down the road from LUX Belle Mare actually, the weather cleared up and it was as hot as anything, not that it’s ever cold in Mauritius.

Catamaran Cruise Mauritius

From the drop-off point, we jumped on a small boat which took us about 100m out to our Catamaran for the day, which was called the Blue Dolphin, and we were welcomed on board by the skipper and the rest of the awesome crew that would be looking after us for the day!

ile aux cerf catamaran cruise

Shoes off, bags safely packed inside and we were off on our Catamaran Cruise with 24 other people, but we did make sure to get a spot on the netting in the front of the boat where I landed up passing out for a while to try catch up on some sleep!! When I awoke though, I was not only greeted with lobster red skin, but to beautiful blue water surrounding us and the sound of the sinker being lowered because we were about to jump onto a small boat that would take us to a waterfall about 5 minutes from where the Catamaran had docked!

I’ve always had a thing for waterfalls, ever since I was a small child and I saw Victoria Falls for the first time, but this was nothing like the Falls, this was a small waterfall, but surrounded by lush Jungle on either side!

ile aux cerf catamaran cruise 11

We circled around to ensure everyone got a photo and then made our way back to the Catamaran so that we could sail off to our next stop, which was a reef off the coast of Mauritius where we got the chance to jump into the water to snorkel around.

ile aux cerf catamaran cruise

One thing about Mauritius that we’ve noticed though is that there isn’t much coral left, so there isn’t really a lot of sea life, but I did manage to see some tropical fish, which attacked my mask and GoPro haha!

Catamaran Cruise Mauritius Catamaran Cruise Mauritius

I was called back onto the boat last as I just didn’t want to get out, but when I smelled the Braai (BBQ) that was being prepared on board, it didn’t take much convincing to get out. The braai consisted of chicken skewers, fish and then salads, which were all delicious!

Catamaran Cruise Mauritius 16

After lunch we lifted anchor and head back in the direction we came, but made a detour to a small island, where we were dropped off to go explore for an hour and a half!

Catamaran Cruise Mauritius

As luck would have it though, when we got there, it wasn’t even 5 minutes and then a huge storm rolled in and torrential rain started pouring down! That didn’t stop us though because we just put our cameras under an umbrella and jumped into the lagoon while being pounded by rain!

ile aux cerf catamaran cruise 09 ile aux cerf catamaran cruise 08

ile aux cerf catamaran cruise 10

Catamaran Cruise Mauritius Catamaran Cruise Mauritius

Thank you to our epic sponsors for making this trip to Mauritius that much easier and awesome:

Go check out Carlinn’s blog too: www.superficialgirls.com


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