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3 Awesome Things to do with a Land Rover Defender {#CelebrateDefender}

Land Rover Defender
Image Courtesy of www.caradvice.com.au

If you read my#CelebrateDefender post last week, you’ll have seen that the folks over at Land Rover are celebrating 68 amazing years that the Land Rover Defender has been around because at the end of 2015, this iconic model will be discontinued!!

In the 68 years that the Land Rover Defender has been around though, millions of people around the world have made memories that they have been telling and will continue to tell for generations to come. My story was how my late grandmothers 2nd Husband almost got eaten by a pride of Lions while changing the type in Hwangi National Park, which you can read here!

This week I thought I’d share 3 Awesome Things to do with a Land Rover Defender!

1. Land Rover Tow Surfing

If you’re a fan of the Mr Ben Brown Daily Vlogs, you’ll remember the time both him and his buddy Dan the Director were on a road trip in the Transkei and tied a tow rope to Pumba the Landy in an attempt to try Land Rover Tow Surfing! It worked and they got some EPIC footage and photos!

A photo posted by Dan Mace (@danthedirector) on

2. Save on Road Trip Costs with a Land Rover Rooftop Tent

I’m pretty damn sure that one of the main reasons the the Land Rover Defender came to be was to entice people to explore more and with exploring comes sleeping over places and why not save on costs by sleeping on top of your vehicle in a Rooftop Tent?!

land rover defender roof top tent 01
Image courtesy of Pangaea Expeditions
land rover defender roof top tent 02
Image courtesy of Pangaea Expeditions

3. Float your Land Rover Defender

I’m sure there have been plenty of times when someone has thought, “that river doesn’t look TOO deep, lets cross it in the Landy” and that was the end of that idea because it sank… Well, why not make sure that you don’t sink your Defender by adding floatation devices on it! Even if your car floats away into the distance, it’ll make for a great story to tell! Have you ever sunk your Defender and have a photo of it? Go on, post that photo and tell your story here!

floating Land Rover Defender
Image Courtesy of www.SuperCompressor.com

Even though the Land Rover Defender will be discontinued in December 2015, this car will continue to create memories for years to come and in 68 years from now, who knows, someone might have even converted their Defender into a flying machine!!

Remember to go share your story with Land Rover and join in on Celebrating a car that is and always will be a 4×4 icon!!


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