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Find Paradise in Hi-Tec Castaway Flip Flops this Summer (VIDEO)

Travelling to Seychelles was such a treat, but if I didn’t have my Hi-Tec Castaway Flip Flops that I picked up from Duesouth before we left, life would’ve been pretty unpleasant to be honest.

I say this because it is SUPER hot in Seychelles and aint NOBODY got time for closed shoes in a Tropical Paradise, which is where Carlinn and I opted to go to get away from the colder weather South Africa has been having of late.

We really just couldn’t handle this cold weather and as much as we LOVE the the rain that’s been falling because we all know how much we need that precious water, I miss summer a lot!

Off to Seychelles we went, with my Hi-Tec Castaway Flip Flops pretty much glued to my feet for the entire time we were there because wearing closed shoes is such a mission in so many ways.

Like having to take off and put on closed shoes when you want to run onto a beach for a quick shot, or having to take beach sand out your shoes after running on the beach for a quick shot.

Watch my Hi-Tec Castaway Flip Flops Video

I can go on for days about the benefits of wearing Hi-Tec Castaway Flip Flops over closed shoes, but if you watch the fun little video I made of just a couple of the tropical beaches I went to in these, you’ll understand what I mean.

As you can see, we did a lot of really cool things in Seychelles, which a lot are not in this actual blog post, but if you’d like to see exactly what we got up to every single day during our trip, check out my Daily Seychelles Vlogs here.

What Makes Hi-Tec Castaway Flip Flops better than the rest?

There are plenty of things that make Hi-Tec Castaway Flip Flops better than a lot of other slops you find out there, but here are a few reasons I think make them really stand out:

  • They come in 2 Rad Colours that’ll have you looking cooler than your mates who wear crocs.
  • You won’t spend an arm and a leg on them because they only cost R249.
  • Hi-Tec Castaway Flip Flops are durable and will not break.
  • The thick outsole is so durable, they will probably last a few summers.
  • More important, they are the most comfortable flip flops I’ve ever owned!

If you’d like to treat your feet to a pair of these Hi-Tec Castaway Flip Flops, they are available at Due South Stores all over South Africa.

Purchase the Hi-Tec Castaway Flip Flops on the Duesouth Website…


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