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Gear up with these Trail Running Essentials before hitting the trails!

Trail Running is one of my favourite things to do, because once you’ve got all the essentials you need to hit the mountains, its FREE!

So, if you are looking to get into this rad sport that is getting more and more popular every year, make sure you’ve got these Trail Running Essentials packed in your bag every time you leave home.

Trail Running Essentials from Cape Union Mart

A lot of my Trail Running Essentials listed below are branded K-Way, which is Cape Union Mart’s top quality flagship brand that they manufacture themselves in Cape Town.

Aside from K-Way, all the additional items can be purchased at all Cape Union Mart stores around South Africa and/or via the Cape Union Mart website.

1. The K-Way Reiko T Moisture Manager T-Shirt is PERFECT for running in the summer

Keeping dry during a run is almost impossible if you sweat as much as I do, but one thing I do to prevent running with a wet shirt, is to run in something that manages the moisture for me. What this means is that when I am sweating on the shirt, it is not staying inside the shirt for too long.

The sweat evaporates pretty fast because of the quick dry technology built into the shirt itself, and I don’t have a t-shirt sticking to my body as I run.

There are limited stocks of this t-shirt in-store, but if you’re looking to buy online, check out the Mens GUGO T-Shirt.

2. No More Chafe with the K-Way Knox Shorts

These active shorts from K-Way are the perfect addition to your Trail Running gear because not only they are lightweight and comfortable, they have been designed to prevent chafing.

Seriously, I was using another brand of running shorts for the longest time and the amount of hours I’ve spent walking like a cowboy after a run was ridiculous. With these shorts, my nether-regions are kept chafe free and my runs in the mountains are pain free.

Purchase the K-Way Knox Active Shorts online…

3. Salomon Speedcross 4 Shoes are a Trail Runners Dream

Shoes are by far the most important part of your Trail Running gear because these are what are going to protect your feet from the elements.

These are my second pair of Speedcross 4’s because they work so well for me because of the awesome lugs on the sole of the shoe, as well as how comfortable they are.

Not only that, they are super easy to lace up with the QuickLace system allowing me to get them on and off within seconds.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Everyone has a different foot, so what works on my feet may not work on yours, so make sure you know your foot type before buying running shoes to prevent shin splints or other injuries associated with running in the wrong footwear.

Read more about the Salomon Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes here…

4. Say NO to Blisters and wear the right Socks

Trail Running has a lot of impact on the feet inside your shoes when bouncing down rocks or if you’re running on a trail with a lot of fine dirt and small stones, which can cause blisters if they get into your shoe.

This is why I highly recommend getting thick running socks to take some of the impact off your feet and to prevent those irritating blisters you’ll inevitably get if you are running with thin socks, or no socks at all.

I recommend these Falko Drynamix Socks if you’re looking to buy online…

5. Prevent dehydration with the K-Way Lite Hydration Pack & Reservoir

Running in the mountains during the warmer summer months can get REALLY hot, so make sure you are not left 15km from your start without some kind of hydration.

I use a combination of the K-Way Lite Hydration Pack and a 3L K-Way Reservoir (which is also used for hiking), but there are various sizes available for the bladders.

The K-Way Lite Hydration Pack is big enough to hold the 3L Reservoir and has additional space inside it, on the sides and inside the pockets that zip up on your hips where I keep my GoPro.

Check out all the Hydration Options available online here…

6. Keep the sun out of your face with the K-Way Flash Visor

Running in the mountains can be brutal on your face if you’re not running with a hat because you’ll get sun in your eyes, and sweat will pour down your forehead into your eyes, making for a REALLY uncomfortable run.

The K-Way Flash Visor is perfect for letting my head breath at the top, no sun on my face and also for preventing that uncomfortable sweat in the eyes vibes.

One thing I’d like to add to this though is that you should always wear sunblock when heading outside and if you’re going somewhere with quite a bit of glare, make sure you’ve got a pair of sunglasses with you that don’t easily mist up so you can see where you’re going.

Purchase the K-Way Flash Visor online…

7. Keep Track of your Run with a Sports Watch

There are PLENTY of Sports Watches to choose from at Cape Union Mart, including some the TomTom Watches like the one I’ve been running with for the last year and a half! The TomTom Runner Cardio 3 is inexpensive and it is able to track distance, heart-rate, calories burned, steps and way more.

It also 3GB of storage for music on the watch itself and a pair of bluetooth sports ear plugs so you can listen to music or get notifications from the watch itself in your ears while running.

Another rad feature is that it is linked to Discovery Vitality if you’re work-outs for points like I do!!

Read more about the TomTom Runner Cardio 3 Sports Watch here…

If you have any questions about my gear list, please feel free to drop me a comment on this post and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Also, if you are based in Cape Town and looking for a rad trail running group to join that won’t cost you a cent, check out the Tuesday Trails Crew. They run every Tuesday either in Newlands Forest or on Table Mountain and they are 4 speed groups to choose from ranging from beginners to the super fast guys.

PLEASE NOTE: All images used in this post were captured by Carlinn Meyer are copyrighted to myself. No unauthorised use permitted without prior consent.

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