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K-Way Hiking Essentials – Crag Tech Denim Pant and Blaze Boots

If you’re gearing up for the 2017/18 summer hiking season, make sure you own these two K-Way hiking essentials I’ve reviewed below, to ensure your time in the mountains is comfortable at all times.

This will not only ensure you a comfortable hike, but a safe one due to the MANY features and benefits of each of the items.

K-Way Hiking Essentials

I spend a LOT of time in the mountains when I am in Cape Town, both hiking with mates and trail running the hundreds of routes available to the public. With that said, I’ve decided to start doing some reviews of some of my favourite items that I prefer to take with me on my hikes and runs, but to start off these reviews, these are my TOP 2 K-Way Hiking Essentials.

K-Way Crag Tech Demin Pant Review

The first of my K-Way Hiking Essentials that you should seriously consider adding to your gear for hiking this summer is their BRAND NEW Crag Tech Denim Pant, quite simply because the small details they thought of to ensure extreme comfort is unbelievable.

Some of the KEY SPECS of the Crag Tech Denim Pant are:

  • They Stretch: There is Lycra in this denim, allowing you to easily climb up rocks without having your legs feel constricted with the movement. I’ve had pants from another hiking brand tear on me before, so I can honestly say this is one of my top features.
  • They Stay Dry: There is really nothing worse than hiking pants getting wet from sweat, causing uncomfortable chafing. The Crag Tech Denim has Coolmax content built into it, allowing temperature control, moisture wicking and of course, Quick Drying. NO MORE CHAFE FTW!!
  • Stealth Phone Pocket: There is a really nifty pocket built onto the thigh of the pants, making it easy to carry a phone without the bulkiness you get from keeping it in the regular hand pockets.
  • Reinforced Hand Pockets: Speaking of Hand Pockets, these have been reinforced to allow heavier items to be stored inside of them, like multi-tools and other items that generally break through the lining quite quickly.
  • Bend Those Knees with Ease: The knee area of the pants have been articulated to allow even more ease when bending them to crouch down or climb up and down boulders!

So as you can see, K-way have really thought of everything when it comes to their new Crag Tech Denim Pant and why I am raving about them so hard!

These super funky hiking pants are available in all Cape Union Mart Stores around South Africa and will be available online SOON.

K-Way Blaze Hiking Boots Review

Next up in my K-Way Hiking Essentials is something that’ll not only keep your feet comfortable during long hikes, but safe from things like snakes and sharp rocks that are sometimes hidden.

Seriously, there is nothing more important than the correct footwear when hiking because as much as people think it’s okay to wear slip slops on a hike, it is NOT OKAY!

Here are the KEY SPECS of the K-Way Blaze Boots

  • They are Waterproof: If you’re looking to buy these boots to head into an area that is known for Summer Rainfall, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to keeping your feet warm. The boots are extremely waterproof with their Durable Water Repellency Coating and K-Way guarantee your feet will stay dry despite any weather conditions.
  • No Moist Feet: The boots are not only waterproof on the outside, they are also Water Vapour Permeable, which in a nut shell means that moisture can easily pass through the shoes, ensuring you don’t get that uncomfortable moisture build-up of sweat in the shoe itself while hiking.
  • Wind Proof: This is a MAJOR plus if you’re from Cape Town because if you’ve ever hiked in a South Easter wearing shoes that allow too much ventilation, your feet probably FROZE! The Blaze Boots keep the warmth in and the wind OUT!
  • Ortholite Insole: To ensure maximum comfort, K-Way had removable Ortholite Insoles added to the Blaze Boots. This allows you to add in your own insole if you so wish.
  • The Soles are built to last: The boot is extremely rugged and made to last because of the Grivola Vibram Outsole which offers incredible traction and grip on a variety of surfaces from rock to sand and even snow.
  • Non-Slip Laces: There is nothing worse than laces that continue to come undone, but with the 5mm non-slip laces K-Way installed onto the Blaze Boots, you have nothing to worry about. These laces fit into special slots on the sides of the boot to make sure they fit your feet snug as a bug in a rug.

The K-Way Blaze Boots are incredible and I cannot stress how much of a difference they’d make to your hiking if you added these to your gear. These are available in all Cape Union Mart stores around the country as well as online.


Big thanks to Carlinn for snapping all these photos of me.
All images are copyrighted to Life of Mike & Cape Union Mart. Any unauthorised use is not permitted.

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