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K-Way Luggage is any Travelers Dream

Traveling is GREAT, but when you’re traveling like we just did through Switzerland via foot< rail, bus and air, the right luggage is important, so I thought I’d write this post about my experience of the K-Way Luggage we had with us, the Cabin Lite 80L & Altitude 80L.

First off, both bags had MORE than enough space for all our snow gear, jackets, hiking boots and regular clothing we might have needed while there, and with each bag having it’s own unique features, you can decide at the end of this post, which would best fit your traveling lifestyle.

K-Way Luggage Option 01 – The Cabin Lite 80L Roller

This is the luggage option I opted for on our recent trip to Switzerland due to it’s super lightweight design, which enabled me to pack a few extras into it, like all my battery chargers, tripod and a few heavier items I didn’t want weighing down my hand luggage which was already pretty heavy itself with all my camera gear and laptop inside it.

Packing it was super easy and it’s been designed to hold a fair amount of items in the main compartment of the bag, but then it’s pockets built into the “roof” of the back, allowed me easy access to keep my socks, jocks, beanies and hats which were now sorted into their own area’s.

Once I was done with clothing and it was dirty, I stored in all in the front compartment of my K-Way Luggage, so that I didn’t have to deal with sorting through clean and dirty stuff for a week.

The last really cool thing about the K-way Cabin Lite is it’s rollers and handle grip to pull it along. The handle is designed perfectly to fit the contours of your hand when you grip it and wheels grip onto hard, soft and slippery (icey) surfaces really well.

My overall opinion is that I LOVED it!

Read more about the K-Way Cabin Lite 80L Roller here…

K-Way Luggage Option 02 – The Altitude 80L Roller Luggage

The K-Way luggage that Carlinn opted for is the 80L Altitude, which I was torn between when picking luggage for myself because it is just as awesome in design and holds the same amount of space, but perfect for what she had packed.

There are two main compartments to keep stuff, and even a compartment to keep wet clothing like her boots that we needed to pack into our bags after a hike in the snow, which kept the rest of her clothing not only dry, but clean too.

Each of the two main compartments were big enough for her huge selection of jackets, hats and shoes that she packed for our trip to Switzerland, but I’d say it’d be perfect for me when we travel to some up coming island destinations we’re headed to because it would hold all my snorkeling gear as well as a whole lot of other bits and bops.

The K-Way Altitude 80L Roller Luggage also has an amazing pulling system with world class rollers on the luggage, makiog our lives of pulling them around Switzerland a first class experience.

Check out ALL the K-Way Luggage options here…


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