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My Bush Camping Essentials

Header Bush Camping Essentials-10

I am so excited because myself and Carlinn have been invited out to take part in a few days of the Ford Ranger Odyssey in Namibia, so I thought, why not put together a quick post outlining what Bush Camping Essentials should always be in your bag!

First off on the list of any Bush Camping Essentials checklist, you should ALWAYS have a decent pair of hiking boots! Where we’re heading for the Ford Ranger Odyssey, there isn’t only rough terrain for the cars, but for my feet too! This is why I would highly recommend the K-Way Ridge Boot.

These bad boys will grip tight onto rocks and never let you down when protecting your feet from the elements!

Camping Essentials-1 Camping Essentials-2

The next item on my list has to of course be a decent pair of socks! If there is anything you DON’T want on an outdoor adventure, it’s blisters on your feet! I suggest these Falke Hiking Socks!

Camping Essentials-3

When camping, you do NOT want to be cold and since we will be sleeping in some below zero temperatures in Namibia, I’ve gone for the K-Way Alpine Cowl Sleeping Bag! This bad boy not only weighs hardly anything, it will keep you SUPER warm in the coldest conditions!

k-way sleeping bag

No camping trip will be pleasant with a stiff neck because you didn’t pack in your pillow because it was too bulky to pack in your bag, which is why I suggest getting yourself one of these Intex Air Pillows! It will be the best R30 you’ve ever spent!

Camping Essentials-4

When camping, you need to see where you’re going and what better way to light up your night life with this LED Lenser L7 Torch. It has an adjustable zoom, so you can see things further away as well as widening the beam to see everything around you.

Camping Essentials-6

Camping Essentials-7

We all need to shower or even take a dip in a river when the chance comes, but drying off can sometimes be a pain because your standard bath towel holds that moisture and if you’re on the move, which is what will be happening on the Ranger Odyssey, you need something that’ll dry fast. That is why this lightweight K-Way Trek XL Towel is the boss of all camping towels and deserves a place in my list of bush camping essentials!

Camping Essentials-8

The last item on my most list of bush camping essentials is of course a bag to pack all your stuff inside! This is the medium K-Way Evo Gearbag and is big enough to hold everything I’ve mentioned above, including all my clothes! Best part is the price because you can pick this bag up for a mere R499 at Cape Union Mart.

Camping Essentials-9

Here is a run down (in no particular order) of my 20 most important bush camping essentials that I’ve packed for the Ford Ranger Odyssey:

Bush Camping Essentials-10 copy

  1. LED Lenser Headlamp
  2. K-Way Quick Dry Towel
  3. A Canon 7D with the 24-70mm f/2.8 MK ii L Lens
  4. LED Lenser L7 Hand Torch
  5. Digicape South Africa MacBook Pro
  6. Carbon Fibre Tripod Legs with the JOBY Ballhead X Tripod Head
  7. Lowepro Pro Sport AW 30L Hiking / Camera Bag
  8. K-Way Sleeping Bag
  9. K-Way Medium Duffel Bag
  10. JOBY inc. GorillaPod
  11. Air Pillow
  12. GoPro Hero4 Silver
  13. JOBY inc. Locking Arm & Gorilla Arm
  14. JOBY inc. GorillaPod Focus with a SLR Zoom Tripod Head
  15. Falke Hiking Socks
  16. World of Heroes 1,6 Meter LangArm
  17. MRP Beanie
  18. Heatpad Pocket Warmer
  19. K-Way Ridge Boot
  20. GoPro Bluetooth Remote

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