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The Amazing Cape Town Treasure Hunt – Wednesday Clue


I hope all you treasure hunters out there are having an amazing week! As you read this, I will be flying somewhere over South Africa, on my way to Johannesburg to meet up with the Ford South Africa crew before we embark on an epic 4×4 adventure in Namibia, but without wasting TOO much of your time, here is today’s clue for the Amazing Cape Town Treasure Hunt, sponsored byJOBY inc. and PUMA South Africa!

Week 03 – Clue 02 {FOUND & CLAIMED}

If you know your way around a lion, you’re going to love this adventure, because today’s clue will have you up and down in no time, via a very specific route. There are hundreds of caves on this head, but only one has the treasure, so be quick to split left or you’ll lose out on this hunt!

Good luck, be safe and enjoy the adventure involved in this hunt!

PUMA JOBY Saturday Huntin-2 PUMA JOBY Saturday Huntin-1


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