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10 Photos that’ll make you want to Rather be in Mauritius (Competition)

Despite living in the most beautiful city in the world, when the winter freeze kicks into my bones around this time of the year, one thing is for sure, I’d Rather be in Mauritius.

Seriously, we’ve been to the island twice now and both times it’s been such a pleasure getting away from the colder weather in South Africa and then coming back with an all over tan that all our mates are jealous of.

With that being said, here are 10 Photos that will get you super excited about a competition that Mauritius Tourism South Africa are running, where you and a partner can win a 5 day break in Mauritius at the super glamorous LUX Belle Mare resort valued at R80,000!!!

Scroll to the bottom of this post to check out all the details you need to know about entering the Rather Be in Mauritius competition.


Rather be in Mauritius Competition Details

In order to take part in this super cool Rather be in Mauritius competition, you’ll need to get creative by taking a photo of how you’re dealing with the Winter in South Africa and once you have that, upload it to your platform of choice (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter) and tagging Mauritius South Africa.

Make sure you use the Hashtag #RatherBeInMauritius too, because without that, your entry will not be accepted and there’s nothing worse than knowing your photo was the BEST, but you forgot to do one small thing like adding a hashtag.

So, to recap what you need to do in order to Enter the Rather be in Mauritius Competition:

  • Share a photo of you dealing with Winter in South Africa to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (REMEMBER to be creative).
  • Follow and Tag Mauritius South Africa in your post, here’s their handles across each platform:
  • Use the competition Hashtag #RatherBeInMauritius in the description of your photo.

If you’d like to find out more regarding this epic competition, because the more you know about it, the better your chances of winning are, head over to the Rather be in Mauritius Competition Page.

GOOD LUCK and if you win, remember me when you’re looking for a partner to take with because I’d be down with heading back to the island right about now since my fingers almost froze off writing this post!


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