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The Amazing Cape Town Treasure Hunt – Saturday Clue


I hope all you treasure hunters have had a good break and are ready to get your weekend kicked off on a high note. Right now I am currently somewhere in the Namibian Desert with the Ford South Africa crew, taking part in an epic 4×4 adventure called the Ranger Odyssey!

But you didn’t come here to read about that, if you want to read about the Ranger Odyssey, click here, if you want to go treasure hunting, scroll down to view the last clue of the week for the Amazing Cape Town Treasure Hunt, sponsored by PUMA South Africa and JOBY inc.

Week 03 – Clue 03 {FOUND & CLAIMED}

Have you ever seen a waterfall from behind, it’s quite a sight to see, especially when there’s an unspoiled view, of a city down below. Today’s hunt will take you to a special place that I recently discovered, but if you’re unsure what you’re looking for, listen for the bird that goes tweet tweet tweet!

Good Luck, be safe and enjoy the adventure!!



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