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The Beautiful Birkenhead House Experience


Last week while myself and Carlinn were in the Overberg, we stayed at the Birkenhead House which is located on the cliffs of the Hermanus Coastline, just over an hour outside of Cape Town.

This has been a house we must have walked past a hundred times before while staying in Hermanus during December holidays and it’s always been a house we’ve said, “We should really go check that place out at some point”, so eventually we did.

Upon our arrival at the Birkenhead House, which is actually part of The Royal Portfolio, we were greeted by staff dressed all in white and our bags were taken swiftly away from us and taken straight to our room while we were shown around the grounds.

Birkenhead House, which is located just off 7th Avenue in Hermanus, is a combination of 3 properties that were bought over the years and combined together to form the MASSIVE manor it is today where it has 11 rooms, all styled differently.

We got to stay in the luxury sea facing room that had a gigantic king size bed, 2 balconies, a stunning lounge area, massive wardrobe area and then a bathroom that had a 4 legged bath smack bang in the middle, where myself and Carlinn did another of our “bath shoots”.

Birkenhead-5 Birkenhead-10 Birkenhead-11 Birkenhead-12

After spending some time in the room taking photos and getting our stuff together, we made our way down to lunch, which was in a bright lounge area that looked down onto the waves crashing below, because the house is situated on the top of some rocks and a beach right below.

Birkenhead-15 Birkenhead-16 Birkenhead-17 Birkenhead-19 Birkenhead-21

We actually saw whales breaching and showing their magnificent tails off at breakfast the next morning from that very spot. It really is such an amazing place to watch nature from the comfort of luxury!


After lunch, we made our way back to our room to get a few things together for some outfit posts for both of us, which I’ll share in another post next week, but “oh boy, how photogenic is this place?” I thought!


Dinner that evening was served to us in the privacy of the Cards Room, where the owner has frequent bridge nights with her friends, but that night, it was all ours, along with the warm fire crackling in the background.


After dinner, I went to shoot some shots of the pool, which I can only imagine is surrounded by people in the hot summer months, but for that night, it was cold and a bit wet from rain, which gave it a moody feel.


It was a long day, so we soon went back to our room, where a bubble bath was waiting for us, along with strawberries dipped in chocolate and a bottle of red wine, which was amazing!

That night I slept like a king, but set my alarm early so I could beat the sun and catch the sunrise, which was killed by the last remaining clouds, but it was still okay.

Breakfast at Birkenhead House is something special too as they have a wide range of cold meats, pastries and fruits, to accompany a hot breakfast, which was for myself and Carlinn, the Eggs Benedict, with a twist of Parmaham!


That sad moment finally arrived and we had to say our goodbye, but again, this was not a goodbye, but more a “See you again soon!”.

Thanks Birkenhead for such a magical stay, we cannot wait to come back again!



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  1. February 9, 2016 / 12:39 am

    Looks fabulous! We’re heading that direction for a few nights this fall and can’t wait to experience it. Looks absolutely magical!

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